You Are Amazing!!

Once a month, I attend coffee time with friends. We meet at a restaurant for coffee, tea and/or a snack. When I first started attending, I was very shy. I didn’t have the best social skills as I had spent so many years locked inside of myself and trapped in my mental illness. But these people were very endearing, positive and accepting of me. It didn’t take long for me to get over my social awkwardness. One of the things the facilitator does,  Angel Marie Monachelli, who is an intuitive life coach and healer, is remind each other “you are amazing!” It’s a good way to learn each other’s names as well. Each one of them, would look at you in the eye and say, “Sophia, you are amazing!” The response I give would be, “thank you, I am!” Then, I’d say the same to them. Initially, it was difficult to accept. My natural inclination would be to say, “no, you have no idea who I am!” But I learned to accept this very powerful complement. Nowadays, I love to acknowledge and point out the beauty and awesomeness of everyone I know. It is perfectly natural to shine a light on each person who is an amazing gift. If you’re alive, you are amazing! Each one alive has permission to be their unique and amazing self. It really changes our perspective to look for the good and positive in each one. We are all amazing but sometimes we forget and need wonderful reminders. This amazing life coach, Angel, has has made a very profound difference in my life. I’m not afraid to be myself. I don’t hold my head down and try to hide inside of myself or inside my shell like a turtle. I let myself out and shine! There are times when I want to stay in bed or not drive to the meeting but I remember how positive this beautiful lady has been in my life and it’s important to show up for your own life. By the way, you are amazing!!


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