There’s A Place!!

I was watching a video this morning on Youtube by Dr. Madan Kateria. He is the creator of Laughter Yoga. Since I’ve been on the road the past few weeks, I haven’t been able to attend the laughter clubs back home. This is one of my secrets of coping with stress, overcoming shyness and loneliness. I am a laughter junkie now! You would hardly believe this considering years ago I was hospitalized on four different occasions in a psych hospital as I struggled with mental illness. I had depression with psychotic features, PTSD, BPD and DID. I may be leaving something out but that’s what I remember right now.
Watching the video and other remarks I saw from some friends on social media, sparked a fire in me to write this blog post. Someone needs to hear that I overcame those things. Someone needs to know that there is hope and healing. Someone needs me to show up today for life! They need to see that things do get better. I’m a writer at heart. I write some very deep things and light hearted things. I love to listen to music, pretend I know how to play a harmonica, drums or piano. When I was a child, I didn’t have a harmonica, but I pretended I had one. Now I have two and I still pretend to play it!
But I remember having a psychiatrist who said 90% of life is just showing up. Who can I show up for today? I can just sit at the kitchen table and enjoy my food. Look out the window. Post something on facebook. Read a book. Fiddle with an old musical instrument or make one out of what I have. I can play the drums on the table with my hand or two pencils. Clink the glasses with silverware. Smile or wave at a neighbor. Do something to show I have life! I have the gift of life and I survived and overcame my illnesses for a reason! We’re all here for a reason! We all gave gifts and talents. Yes, life is painful at times, but it’s still beautiful and worth the struggle. It is worth every breath. It is not in vain. Keep on dreaming and believing there’s hope for everyone! Reminds me of Stevie Wonder’s song There’s A Place In The Sun!  Always remember….


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