Do Something!

Last week, I was feeling a bit stressed about all of the news articles. I was in a general state of unrest. I normally don’t watch the news, but it’s hard to completely ignore it. I generally click on news articles that interest me. The little bit I read focused on the racial issues, and allowing same sex people to marry. The comments and fearmongering were the worst. I wondered if I should say something. I’m usually not the outspoken type. I keep to myself. Does it matter if I say anything? Well, if I have something to say and someone is willing to hear it, then I might as well. Everyone is thinking about it, but they’re not saying anything. Not saying anything is probably just as painful as the issue itself.

Why are we afraid to say anything? At least say something to drown out those who are intent on spreading hate and bigotry. In a time of great distress pour out the love. Speak the truth with love. Spread the love even more to family, friends, neighbors or even a stranger on the street. It could be a spoken word, a smile, a kind gesture, or random act of kindness.

A friend said, “The worst you can do in any situation or in life is NOTHING!!!!” It reminds me of the quote by Edmund Burke, “The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.” But see, I was very stirred by what my friend said since I was feeling unhappy by a few situations in my life. Yet, I wasn’t doing anything nor was I saying anything. I was being challenged to speak up for my life. If something is eating you up inside and you’re not talking about it, you need to say or do something! Might as well rock the boat! This is part of learning to set good boundaries, and creating healthy patterns.

In the past, I might not have spoken up because I had a lot of anxiety. I didn’t like confrontations nor conflict, so It was peace at any price. Yet there was no real peace because I had a terrible knot in my stomach. I would feel chaotic inside, which would bring on anxiety attacks, depression and sometimes psychotic episodes.

Now as someone who does not have the above issues anymore, I gently and firmly speak up. I strive to speak the truth in love. However, if there is conflict it doesn’t bother me too much because I know it will pass. I’ve learned to stand up for myself and for my life. In essence, I don’t put up with no bullshit! This is all part of learning to love myself! Not only that but it speaks to the other people that I have respect for them and value them so much that I’m willing to bring up difficult issues.

Sometimes people are surprised to hear that something was bothering me since I’d been quiet for so long. What issue do you need to speak up about? I figure if I already have a knot in my stomach or break out in a sweat when I think about something or someone that is disturbing me, I might as well go ahead and deal with it. Either all hell will break loose or it will get resolved. If you’re not happy with a situation, do something, even baby steps to make it right. It’s great for your sanity, too. You’re worth it!


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